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Quick Tips: Staying Active When You Travel

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When you travel because of work or for pleasure, fitting in some exercise can be hard. Try these tips to stay active when you travel.

  • Plan your exercise when you prepare for your trip.
    • Take the time to think about your trip and how your routine will be affected. Identify the barriers that might keep you from your regular physical activity, such as long meetings, a busy schedule, or weather extremes. Plan ahead on how you will get around those barriers.
    • Try to find a hotel that has an exercise room, exercise videos, or a swimming pool. Or look for one that is close to a park, walking trails, or a gym.
    • Pack items that will help you exercise, such as:
      • Exercise clothing, including a swimsuit or your walking/running shoes. Remember that exercise clothes made of synthetic fabrics will dry faster—an important thing to think about when you're living out of a suitcase.
      • A jump rope or resistance band. These are easy to fit in a suitcase.
  • Get some exercise at the airport.
    • Walk laps around the airport terminal. It's a good way to pass the time while you wait for your flight.
    • If you have a long layover, find a gym close to the airport so you can work out between flights.
  • Be creative about finding ways to exercise.
    • Use the hotel workout room or swimming pool, if available. If your hotel doesn't have a workout room, find a nearby gym.
    • Exercise first thing in the morning. You may be more likely to do it then.
    • Use a phone app or pedometer to motivate you to add steps throughout your day.
    • Ask the hotel concierge about local parks and walking/running trails. A concierge can be a great source of information.
    • Walk to local restaurants for meals instead of driving.
    • If the hotel is large, turn its hallways and staircases into a "track," and do "laps."
    • The Internet is full of advice for exercises you can do in your hotel room, for beginners as well as exercise experts. You can also jump rope or run in place. If that's too boring, do it while you watch TV in the morning or evening.


Current as of: March 2, 2023

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